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Mechanical Components of All Types

Air Intake Trumpets

These different length air intakes were manufactured for a racing car enthusiast.     
Each different length produces slightly different performance from the engine so the only way to achieve your best results is to try the different length trumpets.

Bellhousing Adaptor Plate

These plates were designed and manufactured to allow a different engine to be installed into a 4WD vehicle utilising the original bellhousing and gearbox. We carried out detailed measurements on the rear mounting area of the new engine and the old bellhousing and combined the two in the CAD programme to produce a design for the adaptor. Machined from 35mm solid steel plate, we have now made numerous of these adaptors and they are in use all around Australia.

Gearbox Housing

On this occasion our customer was in trouble as the original gearbox manufacturer was no longer in business and his housing was irreparably cracked and damaged.
We reverse engineered the old housing and machined this new steel unit up in a matter of hours using the MasterCam programme installed in our Mazak Vertical Machining Centre.

Pump Shafts

One of our mining customers was experiencing very short life span with some pump shafts in a corrosive environment. We upgraded the specifications of the material used in the shafts to a special duplex stainless steel and shaft life has now returned to an acceptable level.
This same upgrading can be applied to almost any component where you are having trouble getting a better product from your OEM or, in most cases, the OEM simply doesn’t manufacture from the best material for your application and you are expected to accept less than desirable performance.
Talk to our engineers and there is a high probability we can design and manufacture a superior component.

Bike Sprockets

A staff member was heavily involved in bike racing and needed a slightly different gear ratio in the drive of the bike. The bike suppliers couldn’t offer the right sprocket with the desired number of teeth, so we machined one up for him in short time. Problem solved.