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Precision Engineering


Component Design

The Perrott Engineering team are very experienced and skilled professionals, and they have the immediate support of experienced tradesmen with decades of hands on machining and adapting their knowledge to help customers out with their mechanical problems.
We can reverse engineer almost any component or item of mechanical nature and then manufacture a new one out of the correct material to get you back into whatever you do. We thrive on sorting out these problems on a daily basis and the words “too hard” seldom get used in our shop.
We have experience with a wide range of industries, so when you enquire about a Norsok standard flange for your sub sea oil and gas facility, or a speed increaser drive for your agricultural implement, we know what you are talking about. If you do have a really unusual item or problem we haven’t seen before, the chances are we will know who can help us to help you get it sorted. We have been doing what we do for a long time and we enjoy the challenges it presents every day, so don’t hesitate to contact us: engineering@perreng.com.au


Hydraulic Cylinder Components

We can reverse engineer your damaged or badly worn hydraulic cylinder component and manufacture a new one quickly, at a competitive price.

Hydraulic Valves and Manifolds

We can custom design a hydraulic manifold to suit your needs, big, small, simple or complex.

Gearbox Components

Often gearboxes will suffer from one part prematurely wearing or failing and quite often this can be many years after first commissioning and parts are hard to come by. Our engineering team can help to reverse engineer obsolete components or engineer new components to replace the existing.