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Precision Engineering Manufacturing


Our service centre in Cairns is equipped with a comprehensive range of high quality metal machining equipment such as lathes, mills, borers, surface grinder, tool and cutter grinder, cylindrical grinder, small bore hone, EDM wire cut machine and drills, as we use this equipment in the refurbishment of the large range of hydraulic equipment we repair every day.

As a result, we are able to offer a complete precision machining service for your general engineering requirements. We have four traditional centre lathes to 5 meters between centres, as well as a Mazak CNC mill turn lathe and a Mazak VTC800-30SR five axis vertical machining centre with a 3 meter bed. This machine is one of only three such machines in Australia and has extended the range of high end machining we are able to offer in North Queensland.

Our new EDM Wire cut machine, Hardness tester and portable XRF Analyser will also extend the range of services we can offer in the machining and component manufacturing fields.

With these machines and the backing of our engineering design staff, there is very little in the way of components we cannot design and manufacture for you.


Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder design and manufacture is something we do on a regular basis at Perrott Engineering. Cylinder sizes range from very small to quite large in the range of 5meter stroke and 300mm bore diameter.

We have manufactured cylinders from a variety of materials including brass and aluminium for pneumatic service, 316 Stainless and SAF Duplex Stainless steels for marine service and standard steel grades for every day service in all industries.


Winches of all types and sizes up to 50 ton line pull.


Hydraulic manifolds in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

Special Valve Blocks and Adaptors

Special valve blocks, adaptors, fittings, pump shafts and general components.

Grinding Mill Lubrication Systems

SAG, Ball and Vertimill Mill lubrication systems.

Hydraulic Power Units

HPU’s (Hydraulic power packs) to any size and design operating with either petroleum based fluids or water based fluids.

Mechanical Components Of All Types

We are often called upon to manufacture parts for customers that are not readily available, have long lead times from the OEM, or are simply priced by the OEM at a cost that is hard to justify. We have the experience, skilled machinists and equipment to manufacture almost anything in this field.

Our Bruker Portable XRF Analyser allows us to determine the composition of all metallic materials in a matter of minutes, our Mitutoyo Hardness tester allows us to determine material hardness, and with these two items we can be sure we have selected the correct material to manufacture your item from.

Specialist Hydraulic Servicing Equipment

Specialist hydraulic servicing equipment can be described as cylinder pull down benches, pump and motor test benches and honing machines.

The cylinder pull down benches and honing machine shown in this publication were all designed and manufactured in house by Perrott Engineering and have been designed based on our 45 years in general engineering and 30 plus years specialising in hydraulic servicing.

We don’t just design and manufacture this equipment, we use it in our service center every day, and as a result, we know what works best and does the job in the most economical time and manner.

Archimedes Screws

Manufacturing these screws which are used to achieve level winding of the rope or wire onto a winch drum is not the sort of job we do on a regular basis, but we do get a call to make them probably two or three times a year. Click below for more information on this job.


If you need a small coupling with a splined bore and clamp design, we can make these for you. If you need something a little larger we can also make it for you. These large couplings were designed and manufactured in our Cairns workshop for a project in PNG.

Gears and Splines

When you need small numbers of gears, splines or rack and pinion units, we can manufacture these for you at an economical level. We are not setup to do complex gears or high speed, high performance ground gears or large quantities, but for those small numbers, we can most likely assist.