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Special Projects

Hydraulic Nut Design and Manufacture

One of our customers in PNG had a vessel on the slipway for repairs and maintaince when they realised the hydraulic nuts they had on board were the incorrect size for the removal of the propeller nut of the vessel.
This was a serious problem as the ship was locked into a strict time table for its repairs and could not occupy the slipway for any longer than the booked time frame as the slipway operator had another vessel booked for the slip.
Perrott Engineering staff were onsite at the time carrying out maintaince and testing of all the hydraulic systems onboard the vessel and they were approached to see if we could help. New hydraulic nuts of the correct thread size and pitch were available out of Europe but had a 4 to 6 week delivery time, so this was not acceptable alternative.
The engineering team at Perrott Engineering in Cairns head office looked into the problem and within 7 days we had designed, manufactured, tested and delivered to site the two different sized nuts required. They were subsequently used in the successful removal and refitting of the propeller nut and propeller, and the ship was able to return to its busy schedule sailing between the many ports of PNG on time.