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Special Projects

New Shiploader Hydraulics

Perrott Engineering’s team of Mechanical Engineers worked closely with the mine site personnel, the shiploader design engineers, electrical engineers and the Japanese manufacturer over a period of approximately 18 months to design a system that was functional, easy to operate and would provide reliability in the harsh marine environment in which it would operate. Due to the ever present prevailing sea winds and airborne sand particles, special consideration had to be given to a number of features in the system to guarantee the long term reliability of the system and individual components.
All components were selected for their proven quality and reliability and ready availability in the Australian market or, where necessary were manufactured by Perrott Engineering in house.
The entire system was then shipped to Japan and our Engineers spent some months in Japan supervising the installation, flushing and commissioning of the systems. The shiploader was function tested in Japan then transported to Australia on a heavy lift ship and offloaded at the mine site, for final installation and commissioning in July 2018. The old shiploader was then taken onboard and transported to a southern Australian port for dismantling and scrapping.
The new loader has worked flawlessly since commissioning onsite with total warranty work consisting of the replacement of one hydraulic fitting damaged during transhipment or offloading and one small electric motor that failed prematurely.