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Hydraulics & Lubrication

Component Sales

The Perrott Engineering sales team have diverse trade backgrounds but have one common goal: That is the provision of the best possible service to you in parts procurement and supply in a professional and timely manner.

Hydraulic Components

Perrott Engineering is the authorised distributors and approved service agents for a number of the industry leading manufacturers such as, Hydac, Sauer Sundstrand, Danfoss, Bosch Rexroth, SPX Power Team, Denison, and have full access to all the other manufacturers in the crowded market place. We can source and supply practically any valve, pump, motor or component you may require.

Hydraulic hose, fittings and adaptors

A comprehensive range of Ryco brand hydraulic hose, fittings and Adaptors is held in stock to service all industries. This range extends from 2mm test hose up to 2”, 6 wire, 420 Bar (6,100psi) high pressure hose.


A large range of standard duty cylinders are stocked ranging from 2” to 4” bore size and stroke lengths from 4” to 36”
Heavy duty industrial type cylinders and phasing cylinders are available at short delivery times.
Special cylinders in all materials can be designed, quoted and manufactured at short lead times. Please contact our Engineering team at engineering@perreng.com.au

Pumps and Motors

We carry a limited range of more common pumps and motors in stock, but due to the very large range available, there is a limit to what we can stock. Contact us on enquiries@perreng.com.au to check availability.


We carry a wide variety of valves and if we don’t have it we can order it in. We stock a range of Hydac check, flow control, high pressure ball valves and Cetop directional control valves. We also stock low pressure ball valves, a selection of cartridge valves from many manufacturers including SUN hydraulics.

We always have a selection of manually operated directional control valves with different flow capacities and different numbers of spools. We also have many years’ experience with proportional directional control valves and are more than happy to help you sort out a solution. Contact us at enquiries@perreng.com.au.

Tube, Fittings and Clamps

An extensive range of both metric and imperial hydraulic line tube in 316 Stainless Steel and zinc plated steel is held in stock, along with the fittings to suit. These include metric and imperial tube adaptors as well as end connectors in both plated steel and 316L Stainless steel. Sizes range from 6mm to 42mm and ¼” to 1.5”.
Pipe clamps are stocked in single pipe, standard duty, twin pipe standard duty and single pipe heavy duty in both zinc and 316 stainless steel.
All sizes are stocked to suit the pipe sizes we carry.

Reservoirs, Accessories, Couplings and Bellhousings

We stock a large range of these products in market leading high brands such as Hydac sight glasses, filler caps, bellhousings and breathers, WEG electric motors and KTR couplings and coupling elements.

Oil Transfer

We offer a range of oil transfer pump units, some with filtration, some without. We manufacture some of these units ourselves due to exactly what we are after not being available from the major OEM’s.


Perrott Engineering uses and highly recommends the Hydac range of filtration products from Germany. These products are among the best in class in the world and are well serviced in Australia by Hydac Australia.

As an accredited Service Partner of Hydac Australia, Perrott Engineering is recognized by Hydac as a top end supplier of the Hydac range of products.

High Force Equipment

This SPX Power Team equipment is a high quality product manufactured in USA. As a stockiest distributor of this equipment we are able to supply most common items off the shelf. We not only sell and service this product, but use it exclusively in our own workshop as we have found it to be as good as or better than any other such equipment in the marketplace.


We recommend, stock and sell the Norgren range of pneumatic equipment and carry a comprehensive range of hose and fittings in imperial and metric sizes in stock. We also carry a large range of adaptor fittings, valves and airline preparation equipment.

Test Fittings, Adaptors and Test Equipment

Our stock holding of test fittings and hoses is very comprehensive, including a full range of Test 20 type fittings, High pressure test hoses and Digital and Analogue Test equipment.
We also stock analogue gauges from vacuum reading to 10,000psi (700Bar) in 63mm diameter face and stem mount as well as some 100mm diameter gauges in some pressure ranges.


We stock a range of accumulators and charging kits from Hydac. We also carry some replacement bladders for the more common accumulators and can source most replacement bladders to fit almost any accumulator.
Accumulator charging kits are also held in stock along with a range of adaptors to suit the various thread patterns used around the world.

O’Rings and Seals

Our service center holds a large range of metric and imperial O’Rings and backups in stock in 90 Durometer Nitrile material. This is the best grade of O’Rings for hydraulic service whereas 70 Durometer O’Rings are more suitable for pneumatic service. We stock a smaller range of the 70 Durometer material O’Rings as well as some Viton high temperature seals.

Over 1000 sizes and types of hydraulic seals, backup rings and wear rings are stocked from world leading suppliers such as Halite in both metric and imperial sizes.
These hydraulic seals are not to be confused with common rotary oil seals as seen in automotive applications as we do not stock that range of products.