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Special Projects

Grinding Mill Lube System Replacement

Our client is a large Australian Gold miner with a number of operations across the country.
At this particular site, the mill lube system was quite old as the mill had been purchased from another operation that had ceased production. The mill had been moved across Australia and rebuilt in the WA goldfield belt. Over the years, the lube system had been modified considerably and no accurate records were available. The system also had difficulty operating within set parameters in the WA climate and the decision was made to replace it.
Perrott Engineering was not an established supplier to this miner, but when they researched potential suppliers who could design, build and install a new lube system and guarantee its performance within set parameters, they were advised to speak to our team in Cairns.
Our engineers made two preliminary visits to site to finalise design and then the complete lube system was manufactured and assembled into sections in our Cairns workshop. These sections were then shipped to site and the assembly team attended suite for 14 days to complete the assembly, testing and commissioning of the system.
The results were as designed and expected and the lube system ran flawlessly. Based on this performance, the mine operator then asked us to look at the SAG mill lube system, as it also was experiencing some operational issues and causing unplanned mill downtime.
We subsequently then carried out a substantial upgrade of the SAG lube system and increased its operational performance and reliability to match that of the Ball mill.