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Special Projects

Mubi River Ferry Project

Our client is a multi-national construction company operating, at the time, in the oil and gas industry in the highlands of PNG.
A temporary crossing of the Mubi River was needed to get construction machinery into the highlands for road building and other works, so a steel barge was sourced and it required a number of winches, ramp lift cylinders and a power pack to operate successfully as a cross river ferry.
Perrott Engineering was commissioned to design, construct and install the system within a tight time frame and this was achieved. The system chosen consisted of a diesel power pack driving three closed loop systems, one for each winch, and an open loop pump to operate the bow and stern ramp cylinders. This design offered the best individual winch control and the highest efficiency usage of the power available from the diesel motor.
A number of our hydraulic technicians travelled to site along with a container filled with the winches, power pack, cylinders, stainless steel hydraulic tubing, hoses and fittings. All hose and tube fabrication was carried out onsite in fairly arduous conditions and the barge was tested and placed into service.