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Local Manufacturing

Mar 25, 2020 | News

Two factors are causing concern for many Australian businesses and ultimately the general public at the present time.

The Corona virus lockdown in China and many parts of Europe.
The strength of the US dollar against the Australian dollar.
If we experience issues with Government imposed working restrictions and transport restrictions in the coming days, this situation can only get worse

However, there is a solution: Australian manufacturing.

Perrott Engineering have modern manufacturing capabilities, and many of our customers are realising that we can produce parts and components of high quality, on time and at reasonable cost.

As long-term business owners in Australia, we have become very concerned at the decline in Australian manufacturing capability and capacity over the last 20 years, and in some ways, this present worldwide health situation will bring this alarming fact to the fore. We, as a nation, must have manufacturing capability in every field of critical industry or we are at the mercy of foreign countries.

Perrott Engineering is doing its share in this environment. We have invested heavily in modern machine tools, advanced computer software and staff training, and we are always looking to the future as to where situations such as Australia is presently experiencing will lead.

If you are experiencing problems obtaining those imported parts and components for your critical plant, give us a call. You may be pleasantly surprised to find those items can be made in Australia, at a reasonable cost, high quality and more quickly than you could import them.