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Precision Machining and Manufacturing

Jan 1, 2021 | News

With the separation of the business into its two natural divisions both the Precision Machining and the Hydraulics sections swung back into full production as from 4th January 2021

The final touches to Macbar Close workshop in the Edmonton Industrial Estate are being done as the weather permitted and were completed in first quarter 2021 making it easier to locate the Precision Machining division in Edmonton.

With all the existing machines re-established and running the small backlog of jobs were soon caught up and back to offering the same fast service Perrott Engineering always aim to achieve.

Some new machines for the Edmonton Precision Machining workshop still to arrive include the new 460mm capacity fully automatic bandsaw and large capacity friction cutoff saw. The large capacity friction cutoff saw will be used on the induction hardened materials that the other bandsaw cannot process, both machines arrived in Jan 2021 and will be in service by the end of January.

The foundations are in place for the new Okuma Multus Multitasking machine that arrives in mid-February, and the team at Perrott Engineering are looking forward to getting to know the machine and utilizing it within the manufacturing process.  It weighs just on 18,000kg and the new foundations are over 700mm deep, using 14c/mt of 40MPA reinforced concrete. This strength foundation should allow no movement compared to other foundations which is often an issue of movement when high precision, heavy CNC machines are placed onto ordinary shed floors.

Perrott Engineering has also purchased a small, electric powered gas flushed heat treatment furnace.  This machine will be used on the manufacture of small components and have plans to commence trials on product line soon.

Thankfully, with current domestic COVID travel restrictions easing, Perrott Hydraulic services have been able to send out service personnel across to mine sites in the NT and Cape York. PNG is still out for us though and we regret not being able to assist our many customers up there with their hydraulic issues, hopefully that situation will change soon as the vaccines are rolled out.